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Merchant’s First is all about helping businesses thrive! It was started by consumer advocates Tom Martino and Marc Mager, after hearing from numerous companies ripped off and abused by credit card processors.

(Tom’s long-running radio talk show focuses on consumer and business issues. For the past 45-years he’s been taking calls from people who need help. A common problem comes from merchants who are fed up with their processors! Charges are excessive, complicated and burdensome. They often asked, “Where can we find a better value in credit card processing?”)

After an exhaustive search, Martino and Mager concluded that there are no pro-merchant processors, so they came up with their own! Merchant’s First. To quote Tom:

“We have the answer to credit card processing. It is so inexpensive, simple and straight forward, that every merchant can benefit. In fact, it will have you wondering if it is too good to be true!”

Not too good to be true!

Lowest Rates Guaranteed

NO Long-Term Contracts

Free Equipment!

Portable Terminals

Restaurant Table Kiosks

Free Website Integration

Accept Payments Across Multiple Platforms

Whether taking payments with your store terminal, in-the-field with a portable terminal, at the restaurant table with a wireless kiosk or online, we've got you covered with free equipment, low-rates and quick deposits to your account!

How It Works

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 ...


We'll walk you through a short application

Get free equipment

Whether using a standard terminal or wireless technology, we have the solution for you. At the right price: FREE!

Start Taking Cards & Saving Money!

Our technology is seamless, processing is lightning-fast & payments are rapid.

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    Client Reviews

    "I have never seen a more simple, straight-forward way to take credit card payments! It has not only saved us money but reduced my workload considerably."

    Susanne, CFO